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Resources for implementing the Seven Principles (Chickering & Gamson)


*** Directions: To add your strategies or ideas, just click on the EDIT tab at the top of this frame, click in the strategy column/cell for each principle and add a DIFFERENT strategy with your initials at the end of your entry.


PRINCIPLE                                                STRATEGY FOR ONLINE IMPLEMENTATION
1. Encourage contact between students and faculty

1) Give contact information and encourage students to contact me if they have problems so they don't get behind or frustrated.              dp



2. Develop reciprocity and cooperation among students

1) Design group projects that involve different members in the groups throughout the course.                                                  dp



3. Encourage active learning

1) Provide projects that require research and construction of a product.    dp 

4. Give prompt feedback

1) Create a feedback form in the class for students.                         dp





5. Emphasize time on task

1) Help your learners understand the goals for the course and units, chapters or modules.          dp 

6. Communicate high expectations

1) Offer extra readings or resources that expand key points.            dp 

7. Respect diverse talents and ways of learning

1) Offer a variety of learning situations to address styles.                   dp 



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