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21st Century Teaching and Learning


New Article...H. Sapiens Digital:
From Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom



Partnership for 21st Century Skills--

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has developed a unified, collective vision for 21st century learning that can be used to strengthen American education. The key elements of 21st century learning are represented in the graphic and descriptions below. The graphic represents both 21st century skills student outcomes (as represented by the arches of the rainbow) and 21st century skills support systems (as represented by the pools at the bottom): 




The Partnership for 21st Century Skills is pleased to offer Route 21, a one-stop-shop for 21st century skills-related information, resources and community tools. To get started, take a tour or explore the P21 framework.


The items included in this database reflect the Partnership’s first step in collecting 21st century-skills related materials in one place. Great resources with many links to other sites.


Resources to develop 21st Century Skills


21st-Century Classroom Podcast

In this podcast, T.H.E. Journal's Matt Villano discusses the issues involved in the teaching of 21st-century skills, the use of technology to facilitate learning, and the implications for how the teaching of 21st century skills will impact students' performance when they enter the workforce.

He's joined by Andrea Brands, director of public affairs at AT&T, and Allyson Knox, academic program manager for U.S. Partners in Learning at Microsoft Corp.


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